It all started with a family.

There was a time when things were done the right way. Corners were never cut. When you said you were going to do something, you did it. Friendly and knowledgeable service was something you could always expect.

Owner Eric Good launched Shoreline Vinyl in 2003 because he believed these aren’t the ideals of some bygone era. He believes this is how businesses should still operate today, and these values have become part of Shoreline’s culture. There are several members of the Good family who are part of Shoreline Vinyl, and there is a strong sense of family pride in the company they’ve built.

and as our Shoreline family grew…

As Shoreline Vinyl grew, we recruited many of our new team members from among the friends and family of our original employees. This has ensured that we still have the values and culture of a small family-owned business, even as we’ve expanded and grown.

We have also developed strong relationships within our industry family. We’re proud members of the Vinyl Manufacturers Association. Our industry partners include Waymark and Homeland Vinyl, ensuring that we can offer our customers a full range of quality vinyl products.

…we never lost sight of our values.

We say what we do, and we do what we say.

We’re still growing…

In 2015, we moved into a 91,000 square foot building that has given us the room we need to keep up with growing demand for our products. We’ve doubled our workforce, but still have a small company feel.

Shoreline Vinyl products are available through more than 300 dealers in nine states. We’re still growing and will be adding more states to our distribution area in the near future.

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but we will always be a small family business at heart.